Roof Lanterns Online

A better way to buy your lantern

The Problem

For most people looking to buy a roof lantern for their home, the process involves spending time looking in showrooms for the perfect fit.
Those companies which do sell online have websites which aren't intuitive to use - offering only hundreds of presets which prospective buyers must trawl through to find their ideal roof lantern.
We thought there was a better way.

The Resolution

We worked very closely with Roof Lanterns Online from the very beginning. Our vision was to build an area where customers could configure every aspect of their roof lantern, from size, to colour, to glass type.

What we did



Brand Guidelines

UX Design

Web Design

Social Media



The website had to be easy to navigate with an emphasis on minimalism. Text was kept to a minimum until we got to the details of the products.


We chose to have one single page for each brand of lantern, and have all configurable options there, giving a live preview and price of the bespoke product.