A technological advance on fall prevention

The Problem

We joined the journey of Bide's launch very late on in the grand scheme of things. Bide had developed and prototyped a device which is aimed at reducing the number of falls happening with the older generation. The function of Bide is to play a recorded message once it detects movement in the middle of the night, in order to ease any states of confusion which can lead to falls. With the device in it's final prototypes, we were approached to develop an accessible, modern and professional brand, coupled with a simple e-commerce solution.

The Resolution

We developed a new brand with an accessible suite of colours and typography, paying special attention to colour theory and psychology. As well as this, we paid special attention to the shape of the device in order to develop a sense of familiarity

What we did


Web Design

E-Commerce System

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With the brand only launching with one product, we found it imperative that we nailed this first time, every little aspect of the project was collaborated on, discussed, scrutinised and approved.


Our main target audience was always going to be the middle aged loved ones of the elderly as well as care homes, but we still wanted to strip the website back and make it as minimal and concise as possible.