Barton Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership

Community Spirit in Abundance

The Problem

The Barton to Cleethorpes line in North Lincolnshire was desperate for a lick of paint, in order to bring them in line with other Community Rail Partnerships on the UK rail network. Shibui set out to rectify.

The Resolution

We wanted to create something that lived and breathed with the local area, it was evident to us that this partnership was more than just Rail travel and wanted that to resonate within the work.

How could we celebrate each location along the line?

The Barton Cleethorpes line sits on the Humber Estuary, Cleethorpes & Grimsby have very rich Marriner history. The thirteen waves represents each of the 13 stops along the Barton Cleethorpes line, as well as the thirteen colours.

Barton-upon-Humber, the town at the beginning of the line is steeped in rich Anglo Saxon History. This led us on a journey of Saxon relics and artifacts and how we could incorporate these into the structure of our design.

Cleethorpes, a popular tourist centre for Britons and a pure family favourite, Cleethorpes pier is iconic in it’s architecture and curvature.

*The shapes garnered from Cleethorpes pier building proved to be one of our main sources of inspiration for this design. Remnants of it can be found coarsing throughout the style.

What we did



Brand Guidelines

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